Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free, are there any catches?
Yes, it’s totally free with no catches. Enjoy.

I can’t see the book, all I get are page links on the side of my screen.
You must have Adobe Flash running on your computer or device.
If you have to download flash, which most people don’t, your browser might have to restart  so save this page.

Can I download the book?
No, for YOUR safety, it is only available online to read. We have had too many issues of BAD / Virus transmitting sites duplicating and offering the book via their own sites, then spreading viruses and malware when people download it.
(Update / note: we now do offer a secure version for IPAD and Tablets. You will see the link on the “book” page.)

Why do you need my email address?
We don’t. We simply add you to our quarterly soccer newsletter list and let you know when we update this book.  If you want off the list, just click unsubscribe when you get the first one. We do not sell, distribute, rent, or in any other way disclose your email address.

Hey! You didn’t include a section on _______?
Help us build a better version 2 of this book. See this PAGE.

Will it work on an IPHONE or IPAD?
Not at this time. It requires FLASH and those devices don’t run FLASH. Once we finish with all edits and final version, we will do a conversion for the IPAD.  It WILL work on devices and tablets that run FLASH.
(Update / note: we now do offer a secure version for IPAD and Tablets. You will see the link on the “book” page.)

I’m having trouble getting it to work, what can I do?
The book runs on Adobe Flash, if you have an old web browser we suggest you try using a new one like Firefox. Firefox is very up to date, secure and free and is used my MILLIONS around the world.

Can I post the link on my website?
Yes, feel free to post the link, but please make sure it takes people to the home page, which is http://FreeSoccerBook.com

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